Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane is a specialist in this area of cleaning rugs would love to work with you. We are the expert rug cleaners and can and work with a wide variety of different types of rugs. Our rug cleaning process has been specially designed and formulated to make rugs cleaner and deliver amazing results to our clientele. We offer the best Persian rug cleaning in Brisbane and know the best deep cleaning methods and rug washing techniques that deliver results.

If you need a specialised rug cleaning service in Brisbane who knows and loves what they do then be sure to contact us to make a booking. We can perform a variety of rug cleaning processes from rug dry cleaning to rug washing, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, and carpet protection all done professionally with our pickup and delivery service. If you want a high-quality rug clean take a look at what we specialise in:

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Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane Service

Our Persian rug cleaning service in Brisbane will come to you anywhere in the greater metropolitan area. You can be sure that we have rug cleaners near you so don’t hesitate to make a booking as soon as possible. Having your rug or carpet cleaned professionally can greatly increase the life of your rug so you can enjoy its benefits for much longer. We know the best cleaning solutions to use when dealing with Oriental and Persian rugs so that we can make your rugs look fresh and clean. Don’t waste your time and money with a carpet cleaning company that cleans rugs; you should use a rug cleaning company that cleans rugs – us!

While we are specialist rug cleaners, we also clean all types of rugs. So even if your rug is wool, cotton, silk, shag, viscose, sisal, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon, olefin, and more, we can clean it for you. This means that not only are you working with the best Oriental and Persian rug cleaning service in Brisbane, but you're also working with the best rug cleaners too. Contact us today and make a booking so we can arrange for a suitable time to pick up your rug and clean, sanitise, and deodorise it for a fresh and hygienic clean.

Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian or Iranian rugs require special care to maintain their quality and vibrancy. We are the experts and know the exact cleaning methods and processes to use to make these rugs look great.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs can be delicate and should only be professionally cleaned by experienced and expert rug cleaners. Some of these rugs can be handmade and require extra care while cleaning.

Turkish Rug Cleaning Sydney

Turkish Rug Cleaning

Turkish rugs or carpets are typically made out of wool, cotton, or silk and will always be tied with a Turkish knot which is designed to provide a stronger consistency and often gets used for thicker carpets.

Silk Rug Cleaning Sydney

Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk rugs are very popular in China and are of very high-quality materials. These types of rugs require a special cleaning method so that the silk doesn’t lose its sheen or texture.

Specialist Rug Cleaning Sydney

Specialist Rug Cleaning

Antique rugs and vintage rugs can be extremely delicate and may require a highly specialised cleaning process to get the best result. We have a fine-tuned process for this.

Professional Rug Cleaning Sydney Service

Professional Rug Cleaning

Area rugs, wool rugs, and many other types of rugs are also no problem for us and we can clean any rug with any material providing it can hold up during the cleaning process.

Different types of rugs require different cleaning methods and techniques in order to get the best possible result. Some rugs need a steam clean while others need to be delicately handled with moisture control and limited agitation. We know how to clean a Persian rug and have developed a specialised process that we follow strictly. This ensures any type of rug that we clean can be thoroughly done while preserving the quality of it. We have a comprehensive list of professional services and skills to offer you to get the best out of your rugs so be sure to make a booking with us as soon as possible.

Experience The Best Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Persian Rug Cleaning Near You

Our professional rug cleaning service in Brisbane is what sets us apart from the other Brisbane rug cleaning companies. Our company will go anywhere in Brisbane to collect your rug for a professional clean.

We know how to get rugs cleaned properly to extend the life of your rug and keep it looking fresh and vibrant for longer. We are experienced and are the experts because we specialise in Oriental and Persian rug cleaning. This means that you’re dealing with the professionals that know how to work with any type of rug.

Cleaning Persian carpets is our specialty, but we also specialise in cleaning Chinese silk rugs, wool rugs, antique rugs, Turkish rugs, silk rugs, or any other type of Persian rugs including Gabbeh, Heriz, Serapi, Kashan, Mohtasham, Kerman, Khorassan, Mashad, Malayer, Sarouk, Senneh, Sultanabad, Mahal, Bakhtiari, Bijar, Isfahan, Farahan, Persian Kilims, or Tabriz, we know what to do.

We will know if we need to use a carpet stain remover to clean carpets or if it’s best to steam clean your rug as well. We know how to make your rug or carpet dry in time and also the correct level of moisture to apply for specialist or deep cleaning. We know how to perform wool rug cleaning correctly and safely or even silk rug cleaning as well.

We also know how to work with cotton, nylon, acrylic, shag, polyester, olefin, polypropylene, and so much more, so you know you’re dealing with the true professionals. So, be sure to contact Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane today and make a booking so that we can get your rug clean and ready for many more years to come.





About Persian Rugs

What is a Persian style rug?

A Persian rug is produced in Iran, which is modern-day Persia. These rugs are known for their high-quality, hand-knotted construction with intricate designs and high knot counts. The Persian patterns and motifs typically feature patterns and images resembling flora, central medallions, gardens, birds, trees, and plant and animal motifs.

These are a few ways to know how to tell if a Persian rug is authentic. They will also have fringes at the ends which are not sewn or glued on and are the ends of the actual weaves used to make the rug.

What is a Persian rug made of?

Persian or Iranian rugs can be made of wool, silk, and cotton. Sometimes, these fibres are blended and used in different parts of the rug.

Wool is most commonly used because it is durable and soft during the hand-weaving process. Silk Persian carpets are the most delicate and softest rugs and are considered to be the best.

Persian Rug Cleaning in Sydney

What's so special about Persian rugs?

Persian rugs are special because of the way they are made and the materials and designs used in their construction. These types of rugs are traditionally hand-made and are of high quality and commonly feature beautifully designed central medallions with geometric patterns surrounding it.

What are Vintage Persian Rugs?

There are many different types of Persian rugs and you may see some on the market being sold as ‘vintage’. All this means is the rug is over 20 years old, which is considered to be the age that an object becomes vintage. An object is considered to be an antique if it’s over 100 years old.

Why are Persian rugs so expensive?

Persian rugs can be expensive because they are hand-made and can have a high knot count. They can also be made of silk which is a very valuable material and the time that goes into making a quality rug can easily take a few months.

How much is a real Persian rug?

On the lower end, a real Persian rug should cost at least a few hundred dollars. The price will be higher depending on the type of rug and materials used in its construction. Silk is the most expensive material and the price of the rug should reflect this.

Which are the best Persian rugs?

The best Persian rugs are made of silk and have a high knot count. A 4La Nain rug could be considered amongst the highest quality due to the number of threads and layers used in its construction. Rugs made in the city of Qum specialise in silk rug making and are also considered amongst the best. Antique Persian rugs could also be regarded as the best in terms of rarity and its collector's appeal.

How To Clean A Persian Rug

Persian rugs are amongst the finest in the world and are a great addition to a home or business. There are many different styles and designs so be sure to do some research before buying so that you can get the best rug that complements its room. You may think that all beautiful Persian rugs are red, but there are quite a few designs and you could find the right one that would make a great addition to its new home.

Blue Persian rugs and white Persian rugs are also great in quality and design if you wanted something a bit different. Persian wool rugs are very popular and great additions to homes and businesses. You can also buy Persian rugs online in Australia but there’s nothing like visiting a specialist rug store to find the rug for you.

Remember, Persian rug care is very important if you're looking at buying them and you will need to perform general maintenance to keep them clean such as regular vacuuming. Cleaning Persian rugs regularly is ideal because they can accumulate and hold a lot of dust over time.

How much does it cost to clean a Persian rug?

The cost of cleaning a Persian rug will vary depending on its size and fibre construction. Silk rugs will cost more to clean due to the delicate nature of them and the methods that need to be used to clean them carefully.

How do you clean a handmade Persian rug?

A handmade Persian rug needs to be cleaned using a controlled process. We have developed and fine-tuned our own process that can clean any type of rug with the correct levels of moisture control, heat, agitation, and other elements.

How do you clean a silk Persian rug?

We will clean a silk Persian rug with the absence of heat and using a delicate cleaning process. If too much heat or agitation is used in the process, then the silk could lose its sheen and luster.

Can Persian rugs be cleaned?

Yes, Persian rugs can be cleaned and we specialise in this. It should be done by a professional rug cleaning company with the right equipment and procedures.

Can you steam clean a Persian rug?

Yes, some types of Persian rugs can be steam cleaned. We will decide whether steam cleaning is the best method to apply after we thoroughly inspect your rug.

Can you wash a Persian rug?

Yes, Persian rugs can be washed but they need to be properly dried afterward. If this is not done, the rug could get cellulosic browning or even go mouldy.

We are the Persian and Oriental rug cleaning specialists and can handle all of your rug cleaning needs. Our rug cleaners are trained professionals and know the best methods and techniques to apply when it comes to cleaning any type of rug.

Our pickup and delivery service handles everything for you so all you need to do is make a booking and arrange a suitable time to pick up your rug. We service the entire Brisbane metropolitan area and will come to you anywhere.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today so we can sanitise, deodorise, and hygienically clean your rug and give it back to you nice and fresh.