About Us

Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane specialises in Persian and Oriental rug cleaning. We wanted to provide a rug cleaning service in Brisbane to the entire metropolitan area so that everyone can enjoy having fresh, professionally cleaned rugs. So if you need a ‘rug cleaning near me’ service, we’re near you!

Our technicians have backgrounds in carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, so they have worked with many different types of rugs and fibres. Unlike a lot of rug cleaning service providers out there, we specialise and only clean rugs. This means that you are getting a high quality, professional service from a company that knows and loves what they do.

We believe there are too many carpet cleaning companies providing rug cleaning services and that consumers are not getting the best possible results. That’s why we just clean rugs, so we can give you the best clean that also deodorises and sanitises your rug.

Don’t get a carpet cleaner to service your rug; they’re just going to do it on-site with their carpet cleaning equipment. Our Brisbane rug cleaning company will take your rug away and bring it to our facility where we use specialised rug cleaning equipment to give it a professional clean.

We Are The Expert Rug Cleaners

While we do specialise in Oriental and Persian rug cleaning, we also clean many types of rugs. So no matter if your rug is wool, cotton, silk, shag, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, viscose, or perhaps something else, we will clean it. Because of our expertise and experience, we know how to clean a rug to an amazing standard.

We can also work with different rug styles as well. So if your rug is Persian, Oriental, Turkish, flat-weave, hand-knotted, synthetic, machine-made, vegetable-dyed, over-dyed, shaggy, recycled plastic, hide, sheepskin, or anything else, we can clean it.

Book a professional rug cleaning service today with us so your rug can get the best clean it deserves. We will be happy to work with you and deliver your rug back, clean, sanitised, and deodorised.

Living Room Rug

Rugs can get very dirty and accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. This means that your family could be sitting or lying in this even though you can’t see it. Rugs could also be harbouring allergens and pollens in addition to dust mites and mould which could further damage it. This is why you need to get your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis to ensure their cleanliness and increase their lifespan.

We are the best rug cleaners in Brisbane and will be happy to freshen up your rug. We will take care of everything with our rug cleaning pickup and delivery service. All you need to do is ensure your rug is easily accessible for us to pick up such as leaving it on a porch or in a room not weighed down by furniture. Make a booking now so you can enjoy the benefits of a fresh, hygienically cleaned rug.