Specialist Rug Cleaning

We offer specialist rug cleaning services in Brisbane to anyone located in the greater metropolitan area. Persian Rug Cleaning Brisbane specialises in Turkish, Oriental, and Persian rug cleaning.

We also clean all kinds of rugs, so no matter if your rug isn’t of Asian or Middle Eastern origin, we will still be happy to clean it for you. Because you are dealing with a rug cleaning specialist, you can be sure that we are the experts and know how to properly clean all types of rugs.

No matter if your rug is a synthetic area rug that gets high traffic or a beautiful pure wool rug that needs to be freshened up, we can clean it for you. We will get your rug from anywhere in Brisbane so don’t hesitate to contact us to get your rugs cleaned.

Specialist Rug Cleaning Services

A specialist rug cleaner is a master when it comes to a certain type of rug. We specifically deal with Turkish, Persian and Oriental rugs and have worked with possibly every variety there is.

We are also experienced rug cleaners and know how to work with any type of rug, no matter the material or construction method that was used. We can clean delicate hand-woven pieces and antique rugs that have been passed down through generations.

Since Persian and Oriental rugs are mainly composed of wool, silk, or cotton, we are the professionals when it comes to these materials. Even if your rug isn’t an Oriental or Persian, we can still clean it because we clean all types of rugs.

Our specialist rug cleaning abilities go further than our chosen area. Because we work with such delicate, intricate, and variable types of rugs with our specialty, we are also able to clean many different types of rugs. We can clean nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, wool, shaggy, cotton, silk, olefin, recycled plastic, and even viscose.

Rugs can accumulate and hold various pathogens and allergens so it's very important that you get them professionally cleaned regularly.

Specialist Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Specialist Rug Cleaning FAQ

How do you clean a vintage rug?

A vintage rug can sometimes be in a worsened condition and need a delicate cleaning process to clean it effectively. Sometimes, it can’t be cleaned effectively due to its condition and wear. We will first inspect the rug and then let you know if it can be cleaned and to what standard.

How do you clean a vintage kilim rug?

These types of rugs require our specialised rug cleaning process and care. Once again, we will first inspect the rug to assess its condition before proceeding with the clean.

How do you clean an old hooked rug?

Our specialised cleaning process can clean hooked rugs providing they are still in good condition and not falling apart. We can do this through an agitation method or a rug wash depending on our assessment of the condition of the rug.

How do you clean a handmade rug?

Handmade rugs are very traditional and some can be quite delicate. As always, we will first assess the condition of the rug to inspect its structure and for any fraying parts. We will then decide the best specialist rug cleaning solutions and techniques to apply based on this assessment. Handmade rugs can be delicate sometimes and need professional rug cleaners to clean them effectively.

How do you clean a braided wool rug?

Braided wool rugs can be quite delicate and require a gentle cleaning process. This could involve a water immersion technique or a gentle agitation depending on the rugs condition.

How do you clean a flat weave rug?

A flatweave rug is woven together without a backing and is thinner than a rug with a backing. We clean these rugs using specialised moisture control and a cleaning process designed to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug effectively.

Can you vacuum a woven rug?

Yes, but your rug fringe may get caught in the beater bar if your vacuum has one. Woven rugs should be handled with care and using a vacuum that only has suction and no bar can be safer.