Professional Rug Cleaning Brisbane

You need professional rug cleaning Brisbane services to freshen up your rug and to get it cleaned, sanitised and deodorised. We are professional rug cleaners who clean all types of rugs. No matter what fibre or construction, we can clean it for you.

We can clean wool, cotton, silk, nylon, acrylic, shag, polypropylene, olefin, synthetic rugs, and more! We have developed a specialised cleaning process that effectively deep cleans your rug to leave your rugs cleaner for longer. If you want the best rug cleaning service in Brisbane then make a booking with us today so we can freshen up your rug.

Professional Rug Cleaning Brisbane Service

Our professional rug cleaning service in Brisbane will come to you, so there’s no need for you to stress. Our technicians specialise in cleaning rugs and will work with many types of rugs.

Whether you need stain removal, a general rug clean, rug washing, deep cleaning, some pet urine tended to, water damage treated, rug care, or just a spot clean, we are the right team for the job.

All of our cleaning processes have been fine-tuned so that we can effectively clean all types of rugs. So no matter if your rug is Persian, Oriental, Turkish, wool, cotton, shaggy, silk, nylon, polypropylene, olefin, acrylic, or even recycled plastic, we can clean it!

We are the professional rug cleaners you need to freshen up your rug and hygienically clean it.

Our rug cleaning methods are the best and we know the right procedures to apply for different situations such as rug washing, steam cleaning, rug dry cleaning, or even hand cleaning. Trust the professionals and make a booking with us today.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning Cost

You’re probably wondering how much does a professional rug cleaning cost. The rug cleaning price will depend on a few factors that we will need to establish before giving you a quote. So, how much does it cost to have an area rug professionally cleaned?

We will first ask what type of rug you have. For example, if it’s wool, silk, cotton, etc. Wool rug cleaning will differ in cost to silk rug cleaning. Next, we will ask you the size of your rug. So a rug that is 2x2m will cost less to clean than a rug that is 3x3m. Once we know the fibre your rug is made of and its size, we will give you an estimate.

A professional rug cleaner will clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug to freshen it up and treat any stains or marks that it may have. After this, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a clean rug!

Carpet Protection Treatment

This treatment is applied after a clean and is designed to protect your carpet or rugs fibres from spillages setting and becoming permanent by repelling them and making them easier to clean up. It aids in preventing oil and water-based stains and also soils from setting providing you clean them up as soon as the spillage occurs.

This enables you to remove a potential stain yourself due to the protection treatment coating the outside of the fibres so that it’s more difficult for dirt particles to stick to them.

As a professional rug cleaning company, we highly recommend that you get this treatment for your carpets or rugs in order to extend their lifespan so be sure to ask about this when you make a booking.

professional rug cleaning company

How Do Professionals Clean Rugs?

We professionally clean rugs by first assessing what type of material it’s made out of and the condition that it’s in. Once we have determined this, we will know the best method to use. Rug cleaning processes include steam cleaning, rug washing, dry rug cleaning, spot cleaning, and hot water extraction – also known as a steam clean but can also be used without any water to extract excess water.

What Is Professional Rug Cleaning?

Professional rug cleaning is when you get your rugs cleaned by a specialist who only cleans rugs. This means you don’t enlist the services of a carpet cleaning company; because they specialise in cleaning carpet.

You wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix your power outage, and it’s a similar comparison with a carpet cleaner and your rug. All you need to do is contact us to arrange a booking for a professional rug cleaning service in Brisbane and we will do the rest.

What Do Professional Rug Cleaners Do?

A professional rug or carpet cleaner will offer a few key services that are considered essential. This includes vacuuming, drying, cleaning, stain and urine treatment, and carpet fibre protection. If your rug cleaners don’t offer any of these services, then you should contact one who does – Us!