Rug Cleaning Near Me

You may be looking for ‘rug cleaning near me’ and need a rug cleaning service in Brisbane to provide a high-quality service for you. Well, you’re in luck! Because we are the best rug cleaners in Brisbane and will be happy to work with you. If you’re located in Brisbane, then you can bet that we are near you and ready to freshen up your rug and have it cleaned, sanitised, and deodorised professionally.

We specialise in Turkish, Oriental and Persian rugs, but we also clean many types of rugs. So, no matter if your rug is wool, nylon, cotton, silk, polypropylene, shaggy, olefin, polyester, viscose, or maybe something else, we can still professionally clean it for you. So, stop wondering 'who will clean my rug near me?' and make a booking with us. We are the trusted professionals and will get the job done.

Why Choose Us When You Need ‘Rug Cleaning Near Me’?

We love what we do and clean many types of rugs. So no matter if you don’t have one of the rug types we specialise in, we could still offer you our high-quality service and freshen up your rug. We can clean natural rugs made from materials produced by plants or animals or clean synthetic rugs created by a chemical synthesis process.

You’ve probably searched for ‘rug cleaning near me’ in Brisbane and seen a few results. The problem is knowing which company to choose so that your rug is in the safe hands of expert professionals. Something that we can strongly advise you on is do not book a rug clean with a carpet cleaning company. They are carpet cleaners and specialise in cleaning carpet, not rugs. You wouldn’t ask an electrician to fix your plumbing, so you shouldn’t get an organisation to do a task they do not specialise in.

You need a company that cleans rugs, because then you know that you’re dealing with an organisation that knows the different types of rugs, fibre compositions, styles, dyes, structures, and unique characteristics that go into making rugs. When you're dealing with a specialist, your rug will be in the hands of the experts who know what they're doing. This means your clean can have better results and the company you're using knows a few techniques and tips that deliver these results.

Once you have found us, you simply need to make a booking and we will handle the rest. These are the areas we service:

Brisbane Northside | Brisbane Southside | Inner Brisbane | East Brisbane | West Brisbane | South Brisbane | Logan Area | Moreton Bay Region | Ipswich

Your Rug Cleaning Near Me Service is Here!

We are the best at making your rugs cleaner and can perform a hygienic clean leaving your rug fresh, sanitised, and deodorised. No matter if you need area rug cleaners, a steam clean; also known as a hot water extraction method, deep cleaning, removing stubborn stains, or even have water damage, we are the right team for the job. Rugs can play host to a variety of allergens and pathogens, including dust mites, so it's very important to have them professionally cleaned at least annually. No matter the type of rug, we have the best cleaning process to apply and our cleaning methods have been fine-tuned to deliver amazing results.

Our pick up and delivery service will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is ensure that your rug is easily accessible for us to pick up. This can be in the room that it normally lives or you can leave it on a back verandah or porch if it's safe. If your rug is in a room, please ensure that there is no or only light furniture on it as the technician may not be able to safely remove your rug otherwise. Once we get your rug, we will take it back to our cleaning facility for at least one week and then return it to you once we have performed our specialised cleaning service.

So if you need a rug steam cleaner, a rug shampooer, or even rug washing, we got you covered. Don't hesitate and make a booking with us so you can have your rug cleaned to a professional standard and enjoy the benefits of it for longer.

Where can I get a rug cleaned?

You can get a rug cleaned with us! We specialise in Persian and Oriental rugs but we will clean any type of rug and we are near your suburb. We are the best rug cleaners in Brisbane and will love to make your rug hygienically clean in addition to being deodorised and sanitised.

Can you take an area rug to the dry cleaners?

You should not take an area rug to the dry cleaners. You should only use a professional service that only cleans rugs. We don’t recommend that you use a carpet cleaning company or a dry cleaning company to clean your rugs.

How much does it cost to have a rug cleaned?

Our prices will vary depending on a few factors. Firstly, we consider what type of rug you have, eg: Persian, Oriental, Turkish, Silk, Nylon, Wool, etc.

Next, we go off the size, eg> 2x2m, 3x2m, 3x3m, etc.

Once we have determined the type and size, we will give you a rug cleaning price for our service which includes our pickup and delivery service and treating any stains or marks it may have.

Rug Cleaning Near Me