Silk Rug Cleaning Brisbane

We offer professional silk rug cleaning Brisbane services and will be happy to freshen up your silk rug. We are the expert rug cleaners and know how to properly clean a silk rug. Cleaning silk rugs is a delicate process and requires skill and great care.

Do not attempt to deep clean a silk rug yourself, especially if it’s a pure silk rug. It’s very easy to perform this incorrectly and your rug could lose its sheen and lustre in addition to the fibres being damaged. Trust the professionals and consult with us when your silk rug needs a clean.

We have developed and fine-tuned a specialised cleaning process for silk rugs and know the best methods and techniques to apply in order to get the best results. Don’t hesitate and contact us to arrange a booking so we can freshen up your rug and give it back to you looking vibrant and clean.

Professional Silk Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Silk rugs are delicate in nature and need to be handled with great care while being cleaned. Due to this, stain removal for silk rugs is more challenging and sometimes can even damage the silk fibres.

Even with a professional silk rug cleaning service, there is still a chance that this may happen. We are experienced in cleaning silk rugs and will take great care while doing so. If you soak up a spillage on your rug as soon as it occurs, you will greatly increase the chance of it being removed or us being able to remove it.

No matter if you have a silk Persian rug or a silk Persian carpet, we will be able to clean it for you. We have cleaned silk rugs in many different styles and blends so you can be sure what we’re the expert silk rug cleaners in Brisbane.

Silk Rug Cleaning Brisbane Service

About Silk Rugs

Silk is probably the highest quality material that goes into rug making and thus makes them one of the most expensive types of rugs you can buy. They are typically made in Persian, Turkish, and Chinese styles and can sometimes be blended with wool or cotton.

A silk rug should not be placed in a high traffic area as this can lead to fibre degradation and make it lose its sheen and lustre. Although silk feels soft and gentle, it’s actually quite a strong fibre.

If it wasn’t strong, then the weavers wouldn’t be able to weave silk rugs, especially ones with a high knot count and intricate designs. Due to their delicate nature, a silk rug should be cleaned by a specialist rug cleaner that has experience and knows how to work with different fibre compositions.

How Can You Tell if A Rug is Silk?

You should also be careful when looking at silk rugs for sale because there is a popular fibre on the market which is actually artificial silk and this is called Viscose. This material goes by various names such as bamboo silk, banana silk, rayon, lyocell, acetate, cuprammonium, nitro silk, modal, art silk (artificial silk), and faux soie (fake silk).

Viscose rugs are often sold at real silk prices to unsuspecting buyers. Always check the label on the backing of the rug to see what it’s made from. Viscose is made by dissolving wood pulp and then applying a manufactured regenerating process to form cellulosic fibres, often by using petroleum. This means that it is not truly natural (like silk, wool, or cotton) or truly synthetic (like polyester or nylon) and is somewhere in between.

Viscose rugs can easily shed and have fibres come loose. They should not be placed in high traffic areas and you will quickly notice that some of them will show traffic and track marks very easily. They will show a yellowish tinge when exposed too much to moisture and this is very hard to remove. These rugs are not stain-resistant and are notoriously weak in construction and durability.

How Do You Clean a Silk Rug?

We clean silk rugs using our delicate rug cleaning process without heat or excess moisture. Silk rugs should only be cleaned by professional rug cleaners who specialise in this area of rug cleaning and know how to leave a beautifully clean silk rug.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean A Silk Rug?

The cost of cleaning a silk rug will vary by size and style. The large that your rug is, the more we will have to charge. The rarer or more delicate that your rug is, the higher the cost. Silk rugs can vary from ‘cheaper’ ones costing a few hundred dollars to traditional cultural designs costing tens of thousands.

How Do You Get Urine Out of a Silk Rug?

Removing urine from a silk rug is a very delicate process that involves moisture control and precision. We have a specialised silk rug cleaning process to do this but there’s always a chance that all the urine won’t be able to be removed without damaging the rug.