Turkish Rug Cleaning Brisbane

We specialise in Turkish carpet cleaning and Turkish rug cleaning in Brisbane so we will be happy to freshen up yours. No matter the style or material that’s gone into the construction, we will be happy to make your rug fresh again. Not only are we rug cleaning specialists when it comes to Turkish rugs, but we are also specialists when it comes to all rugs. This is why you should contact us to make a booking so that we can give your rug the clean it deserves to increase its lifespan and have you enjoying its benefits for longer.

If you have a Turkish carpet or rug that needs to be cleaned then don’t hesitate to contact us. We have cleaned a wide variety of different rug types and you can be sure that we can handle yours. We can work with Kilims, Hali, Cicim, Sumak, Kulah, Ladik, Melez, Ghiordes, Bergama, Anatolian, Oushak, Tulu, Kirsehir, Hereke, Konya, Kayseri, and Borlou to name a few. Our specialised rug cleaning solutions and equipment are used by experienced and expert operators who love what they do.

We can freshen up your rug with our professional Turkish carpet cleaning services or even treat stains and pet urine. A lot of dirt and grime can accumulate on your rug and this will only get worse. Contact us now to make a booking and get your rug looking fresh and vibrant.

Professional Turkish Rug Cleaning Brisbane

Our professional Turkish rug cleaning service in Brisbane loves to clean rugs and will be happy to freshen up yours. We will come to you with our rug pickup and delivery service, so you don’t even need to leave your home or business.

Just make sure that your rug is easily accessible for us and let us know how many people will be required to lift it.

We will come to you anywhere in the Brisbane metropolitan area so don’t worry about wondering if we service your area. Whether you need a rug deep cleaning service or just need a general clean to keep your rug fresh, we are the team for the job.

We have a specialised and fine-tuned cleaning process designed to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rugs effectively so contact us now to arrange a booking.

Turkish Rug Cleaning Brisbane Service

About Turkish Rugs

If you're thinking about getting a Turkish rug or already have one then you're in luck, because these rugs are absolutely beautiful in both design and quality. Not only are they a great addition to your home or business, they are also great for cleaning too. Here is some information about Turkish rugs that you may find interesting:

What Are Turkish Rugs Called?

Turkish carpets or rugs are sometimes named Anatolian carpets. Some of the oldest Turkish carpets and rugs can be seen in Konya, which is a city famous for manufacturing Turkish rugs and carpets.

How Turkish Rugs Are Made?

Traditional thick Turkish rugs are double-knotted and each piece of yarn gets looped through the weft twice. These rugs are known as ‘Hali’ and this makes the rug more durable and sturdier.

The Kilim, Cicim, and Sumak are all flatweaves made without knots. They are often used as smaller rugs or and also wall hangings. Turkish rugs or carpets are typically made from wool, silk, or a cotton and wool blend.

Are Rugs Made in Turkey Good Quality?

Yes, Turkish rugs are made using high-quality materials and these rugs are a big part of the local culture. They are often made from hand-spun wool and is quite a laborious process. Due to their good construction, however, Turkish rug cleaning can be performed safely with optimal levels of moisture and heat to get a good clean.

Are Turkish Rugs Valuable?

Generally speaking, Turkish rugs can be considered valuable depending on the materials used and the knot density. Silk is considered to be the most valuable material for making rugs and the more knots there are per square inch or meter, the higher quality the make is.

Why Are Turkish Rugs so Expensive?

Turkish rugs can be considered expensive in some cases. This is due to the quality of the materials used and the density of the knots in the construction. In addition, these types of rugs are traditionally made by hand and the cost of labour is also a factor when considered the cost. A hand-knotted Turkish rug will cost more than a machine knotted imitation.

How Much Should A Turkish Rug Cost?

An authentic Turkish rug should cost at least a few hundred dollars. The size and types of materials used in its construction will also influence the price in addition to its origin and knot-count.

Cotton would be the cheapest material followed by Wool in the mid-range and Silk for the highest quality. Turkish area rugs made from quality materials generally start around $1000. Turkish rug cleaning is harder to perform on imitation rugs so be wary if you come across a cheap one.

How Can You Tell if A Turkish Rug is Real?

A real Turkish rug is made by hand and the back pattern will be the same as the front. The fringe will not be sewn or glued on and will only appear on the ends, not the sides. It will be made from wool, cotton, or silk and can feature combinations of those fibres. Turkish rugs are made with a Turkish Knot. If it was cheap, it’s probably not real.

How Can You Tell if A Turkish Rug is Handmade?

All traditional Turkish rugs are handmade. You can tell by looking at the knots on the back and the fringes. The knots are done in the Turkish style which are inserted into the foundation of the rug and tied by hand.

Handmade knots will show imperfections such as them being slightly uneven or appearing smaller or larger in comparison to others. The fringes will naturally be at the ends of these rugs and will not be glued or sewn on.

Are Turkish Carpets Good?

Turkish carpets or rugs are considered to be among the best and highest quality out there. You can buy Turkish rugs online in Australia and still get a very high-quality piece for your home. Of course, traveling overseas and buying Turkish rugs for sale in Turkey provides a much more authentic experience and you can inspect the rug yourself, but you can still see the intricate designs and patterns online and purchase one.

Turkish rugs in Brisbane can be found online or from some vendors who have a physical store. We recommend buying them from a proper shop with expert vendors so that Turkish carpet cleaning can be performed correctly. Our professional rug cleaning service can handle all types of Turkish rugs and carpets so contact us and make a booking.

Turkish Rug Cleaning FAQ

How Do You Clean A Turkish Rug?

As when we clean all of the rugs that we do, we will first assess it to determine the best cleaning solutions and methods to apply. We will begin by vacuuming the rug first and then apply the best method such as an immersion bath, steam clean, agitation, etc. Certain types of rugs and fibres can require different methods of cleaning and our specialist rug cleaners know what to do.

Can You Wash Turkish Rugs?

Yes, Turkish rugs can be washed. They also need to be dried in order to prevent cellulosic browning. If a rug isn’t properly dried, it can brownout and even harbour mould and mildew.

How Do You Clean an Old Turkish Rug?

Old Turkish rugs may require a more delicate cleaning process depending on its condition. If it’s starting to fray and fall apart then there’s a chance it can’t be cleaned at all. We will first assess the rug to determine if it can be cleaned before proceeding.